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Embroidery provides a sophisticated form of garment decoration that has flourished for over 5,000 years.  It is still considered one of the highest forms of garment decoration.  At HR Personal Expressions we offer exceptional quality and selection when it comes to embroidered items.  Our commercial embroidery machines and specialized industry software allows us to produce outstanding:

All on a wide range of clothing and fabric items.  Our commitment to quality ensures that you get professional results.  An example of our high standards is that for every custom image we embroider we take the extra effort to stitch out a full sample to evaluate the quality and determine if adjustments need to be made to the stitch design to meet our standards.  


Our staff will work with you to select the right design from over 20,000 professionally designed images, or work with you to create a unique image or expression.  You can view our current embroidery designs available by clicking on the Dakota Collectibles button below.   

Dakota Collectibles Designs Link Custom Emboidered Car Racing Jacket Custom Embroidered Horse Racing Logo

Click on the image above to see our library.  

Custom Embroidered Shoe "Marry Me" Custom Embroidered Chair Cover

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