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HR Personal Expressions is a family owned business located in the Historic Preservation Area and central business district of Grove City, Ohio.  The company offers a large selection of nationally known apparel and products for personalization, custom embroidery, and garment printing with an emphasis on high quality and personal attention to customers.

In 2009 the company expanded its services to offer a wider range of personalization services for customers.  In order to reflect the expanded services the business changed its name from Home Country Moods to HR Personal Expressions, LLC.  The additional services that the company expanded into were garment and t-shirt printing.  To offer these services HR Personal Expressions uses the latest technology in the industry which is referred to as direct to garment (DTG) printing.  It employs a specialized commercial printer that applies dye directly to garments with very high quality and high definition.  DTG printing is especially well suited to reproductions of photographs and complex color designs on garments.  The image printed on apparel is soft to the touch and wears extremely well.  It is also one of the most environmentally friendly methods of printing on fabric.

The company also expanded services to provide school uniforms and sports apparel.  With the introduction of these services we were able to offer not only a wide range of garment decoration options, but also provide a diverse set of services for more of a “one stop” for personalization needs.  In 2011 we started working with schools and organizations to do fund raisers.  Our goal with fund raisers is to help an organization identify attractive and high value items that sell well and that yield a good profit for them.

Based on the response to the expansion into school apparel and requests from customers, HR Personal Expressions started selling varsity letterman jackets.  We spent a year looking at the market, working with industry suppliers and talking with other service providers to prepare to offer this service.  The cost of varsity jackets represents a significant investment for most families and we wanted to provide a product and service that offered exceptional value.  We currently offer one of the largest number of customizations with professional fitting to deliver exceptional quality jackets to our customers.

As part of our “one stop” services, HR Personal Expressions started offering promotional items for businesses, schools, and for individual personalization.  We realized that small orders for custom promotional items such as coffee mugs, bag tags, or beverage sleeves were not easy for customers to get at reasonable prices.  By offering this service it also allowed us to provide a new garment decoration technique for performance apparel that is long lasting and soft to the touch for performance wear.

As always, the staff of HR Personal Expressions is ready to serve you and welcomes that opportunity.  They are committed to providing professional services that uniquely meet your needs and that offer the highest quality and value for you.  

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